Saturday, April 23, 2022

April 23, 2022

 Full rain gear and pile on as I zip down the mountain in the cool air.  Back in Saljord can drop the layers of warm clothing.  I take E134 north and traffic is not to bad.  After a few mile travel I come to a tunnel.  I check my map and don’t find it on it and the newer map does not show it either.  It is verboten for bikes so it is not an issue where it goes.  Taking a road to the left it appears to be the old E134.  Six miles on I go for a mountain road.  Legs are not happy with the climb.  The forests are nice with a river near the road.   I decide to take a dirt road short cut over a pass.  It works out saving me some miles.  My legs have also gotten a work out.  This is the second day of having a red fox dash across the road.  In Rauland I turn north again to do more climbing.  I look for camping but too many second homes litter the hill sides along with snow covering them also.  In the twilight of sunset I find a spot to camp.  Quickly setting up camp I quickly get into my sleeping bag.  Shivering stops after twenty minutes.  Let myself get to cold riding and not layering up sooner.   I ponder on not to do that again as I have a cold dinner as I don’t have the energy to cook.  I wonder if they make veggi pemmican as I eat bread, jam and cheese as I need calories to warm myself.

Time of Day 11:14 Distance 50.7 m / Temp 35 / Total Time 13:21 / Moving Time 8:17 /

Stop Time 5:04 / Moving Avg 6.1 /  Overall Avg 3.8 / Max Speed 26.3 / Temp Min 34 Max 61 / Barometer 1018 / Ascent 5048 / Sun rise 5:54 set 8:57 / Elevation 3195 / Max Elev 3292  Partly cloudy cool

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Aleta said...

Sounds like a long day. Maybe you can mix dried berries and nuts with coconut fat for a pemmivegan blend 😁