Wednesday, April 13, 2022

April 13 2022

Crack of noon start.  Finally feel a bit rested.  After 2 miles I found myself  on EuroVelo 6.  EuroVelo are international bike routes through Europe.  They even light the paths here.  Soon I am I am on EuroVelo routes 4, 6, and 9, plus Camino de Santiago pilgrim path.  Get some coast views in.  Soon enough the path diverge and I am on just EuroVelo 4.  Pick up additional food for dinner as I want more than cheese and bread.  Eggs take a dive on the trail and I loose one. Camp site smells of smoke and the campers letting the fire smolder are up wind.  I move on.  At a picnic site I set up camp.  A family biked in with a crate.  They brought firewood for

there grilled cheese.  They wrapped there sandwiches in butcher paper and then newspaper soaked in sea water.  These parcels were set on the fire.  Fortunately the smoke was going vertically.  Good tail wind today hardly notice the first ten miles.  Not going to push the distance yet.  They put the fire out when they finished.

Time of Day 6:36 / Distance 32.3m / Temp 58 / Total Time 7:01 / Moving Time 4:06 /

Stop Time 2:55 / Moving Avg 7.8 /  Overall Avg 4.6 / Max Speed 23.3 / Temp Min 41 Max 60 / Barometer 1017 / Ascent 914 / Sun rise 6:17 set 8:08 / Elevation 48 / Max Elev 197  Tailwind overcast cool

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