Monday, April 25, 2022

April 25, 2022

Sleep in a bit as I am not looking forward to the next climb.  The road has a steady climb up the valley as the river cascades next to me.  Then the road turns to climb out of the valley at an aggressive pitch.  This puts me on a snow covered pass that includes a frozen lake to go around.  There are snow covered hills all around.   After layering up dive off in the next valley below.  Riding down the valley is relaxing to Rodbarg.  Along the way I stop at a couple of stave churches.  In Rodbarg looked at the large pipes plunging into the valley to the power plant.  My route heads up to the top of the pipes and onward.  So I start to climb again.   I ride another 9 miles and camp at twilight.  I need to camp earlier I think once again.

Time of Day 10:09 / Distance 48.4 m / Temp 45 / Total Time 10:59 / Moving Time 7:17 / Stop Time 3:12 / Moving Avg 6.6 /  Overall Avg 4.4 / Max Speed 25.8 / Temp Min 31 Max 61 / Barometer 1014 / Ascent 4392 / Sun rise 5:43 set 9:02 / Elevation 2524 / Max Elev 3852  Clear cool

Love and Kisses



Shtunkie said...

Looks like you are having quite the chilling time. Nasty here today. Via on Friday, better weather...I hope.

Aleta said...

The stave churches are both impressive and oppressive to me. Love the woodwork and craftsmanship, but so dark and kind of forboding