Sunday, April 17, 2022

April 17 2022 Easter

Choice 2, the one I take

Choice 1 velo route

Noon start and my legs hurt.  Push onward taking roads over forest winding paths.  When find wifi I check ferry schedules.  Yes planning.  I hope not to arrive late.  Yes there are more burial mounds on hills.  I don’t stop for them as they are just grass covered mounds on hills.  So size and shape of the mounds of earth are not drawing me to them.  I see the EuroVelo route go down a dirt path.  I stay on the paved bike path and rejoin the EuroVelo route a few miles on.  It is getting late and I ride on with aching legs.  Before sunset get to an official wild campsite.  Water, shelters, toilet and no people.  Walking also hurts.

Time of Day 9:04 / Distance 44.8m / Temp 53 / Total Time 9:10 / Moving Time 5:10 / Stop Time 4:00 / Moving Avg 8.7 /  Overall Avg 4.9 / Max Speed 26.4 / Temp Min 33 Max 66 / Barometer 1027 / Ascent 1476 / Sun rise 6:11 set 8:27 / Elevation 243 / Max Elev 273  Clear Tee Shirt

Love and Kisses


Tanks of shit to spread on the fields.  It bring an unique aroma.  

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