Sunday, May 14, 2017


Security System
It is hard to get motivated with rain coming down.  I am greeted by a normal size tick.  Nice to be able to see what is coming after me so I can deal with them.  At one take the short ride into Ljungby. Forest quickly turns to fields.  A bike path takes me into town.  Check email and buy some brunch.  As I leave town I see a campground and check the price for a shower.  35 Swedish Kroner for the shower okay that’s just under 4 dollars.  I decide to take my first shower in Sweden and I am sure the squirrels will be happy.  Back on the road with clean cloths and hair that does not stand strait up.  I hope the cloths will dry before dark.  Spot a rune stone of the side of the road.  It is time to dust off your copy of the Hobbit and to translate the rune symbols.  Yes, there are useful facts in the Hobbit, do you think JRR Tolkien made up everything in the book.  Camp at seven and hang cloths and camping gear to dry.  Nice camping and cooking dinner in daylight.  The feet are finally wearing sandals.  
Love & Kisses

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Looks like a fun place to be. -Donna