Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Time to Travel

Hi Everyone,
It is time for another trip. Yes, after just 929 days I got two offers on my home in one day. So I am now homeless. As Colorado streets have a plethora of homeless it is time to travel. After careful thought and planning involving dice, Ouija board and tarot cards, I have well thought out plan. Fly into Copenhagen and head north through Scandinavia. Above the Arctic Circle I will turn and wander into Finland and head south. I hope to make it through the Baltic States before their eastern neighbor comes to visit. When I arrive in Greece I will decide to go east or south. Yes this is a good and detail plan. So the trip begins May 6 and I have no return ticket.

So I am checking with everyone whether they want some email alerts when I post something on the blog. Blog location has changed as I pored out dollars and got my own domain name. www.adrifttraveler.com. So let me know if you want alerts on blog updates or if you want to be removed from the list. If I don't hear from you I will assume you are off traveling and having more fun than me and do not want to be bothered by my trivial life adventure.

Love & Kisses

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