Sunday, May 7, 2017


I am in Sweden!!!!
Still trying to get organized as stuff has come up missing others broken.  I will discuss this more later.  I am trying to determine which god or gods I need to appease so that the trip won't be considered into the wind the entire way. With today's rain they do have my attention.  Then of coarse if I appease one god another might not like it.  Those jealous gods, what can one do.  I wish I could interpret the signs better.  Off again into the rain and looking for a dry camp.

Love & Kisses

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Unknown said...

Hallo it's Lars Löwbeer we met yesterday on the road. It was nice meeting you. I thought of what you said "it's not a race" and here we are sitting inside the tent waiting for the rain to stop😊 Just 30 minutes behind you we met a french couple. They have been out for a month and a half. They are taking the ferry from Stockholm to Finland and going up north and back down through​ Norway. So maybe you will meet them somewhere. Wishing you a good journey/Lasse