Monday, May 8, 2017


I wake to the sound of children all around camp.  None see my camp as I have chosen well.  I head off to find food.  I see a couple of children far from the rest of the group looking lost.  I don’t speak Swedish and I think they should learn about leaving bread crumbs.  I find a store at the last village before the nature reserve.  I head north on bike paths.  In Staffanstorp I find a nice little bike shop. They help me troubleshoot my USB charging system.  Everything works except the Sinewave Reactor. I thank them and look over there bike pumps but nothing is what I want.  I ride more bike paths to Lund.  In Lund I find the tourist office and they could not direct me to a bike shop, but they have a good map of the area. A few blocks from the tourist office I find two bike shops and get a new bike pump.  Now I should not be stuck if for some reason I get a flat.  I next contacted the people at Sinewave. I get instructions to trouble shoot the Sinewave Reactor with a 9 volt battery.  No luck on getting it to work so we begin to make arrangements to get the reactor replaced.  By the time I start looking for a fuel canister for my stove the stores are closed.  Looks like cold food for dinner.  I once again head off to the west as there are forests on the map that way. I find a nice camp spot and fall asleep before I can even begin writing the GPS stats.  Life is getting easy eat, sleep, and ride. 
Love & Kisses


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