Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Speed down the tracks.

There is a road just up there!!
Rain  is coming down  and I sleep in.  Food has me up as I head back to Gislaved for a meal.  Another burial ground this time marked with standing stones.  I ride east on a quite road through the forest.  Turning north I see a old rail line that could be a bike path.  The next village up I see how to ride the rails.  And from there the old rail line is a paved bike path.  At Tranemo buy something for dinner and head back down the path.  I spotted an old foot bridge from the bike path that did not look like it get much use.  On an overgrown path I push the bike and up the hill on the other side.  As I cook dinner mountain bikes pass a hundred feet above.  I and the gps missed the road above camp.  I will pick a better spot tomorrow.
Love & kisses

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