Sunday, May 7, 2017


The flight to Sweden was uneventful.  I just did not get any sleep.  Bike box and gear arrived with lots of TSA tape put over the bike box.  When assembling outside my bike I found TSA had ripped off the bag taped to the frame which had the bolts, allen wrenches and a old leatherman tool.  Bike pump was also taped to the frame.  So the leatherman tool and bike pump are gone (thank TSA).  Bolts and allen wrench set are scattered in the box.  So I have half the bolts to assemble the bike and no way to refill the tires that had the air removed for flight.  I find I do have the right spare bolts to reassemble the bike in my repair kit.  The air in the tires was trickier. Airport information directed me to the bike pumps.  Loading my gear on a cart I took the bike and gear across the airport terminal to the pump.  First pump was broken but they had a second pump that worked.  With the bike mobile it took another hour to have someone take me back to the luggage area so I could look for the missing gear.  There was nothing there as I expected after waiting so long.  Then off on a train to Malmo, Sweden as the bridge does not allow bikes.  Sweden finally!  As it is Sunday little is open.  I find a bankomat and get the local currency.  Then some food as Icelandic air does not feed you.  Now where shall I sleep?  I head out of town west as google maps showed forest there.  15 miles later I am in nature reserve.  Trails are everywhere making it tricky to find a private spot.  With a bit of looking I find a nice spot with no views from the trail.  Quickly set up camp and am in bed.  As I try to write the few stats from the GPS I find that I wake a half dozen times still trying to finish the short note.  The rain start as soon as I am in the tent and it is nice to hear the tapping as I fall asleep.
Love & Kisses

Camping spot

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