Friday, May 19, 2017


My bike can do it

I ride to Gothenburg.  This is not very straight forward.  Roads go north south I need to go east. So I go north a lot south and then north now I can go mainly east.  Seeing my package was in Stockholm at 8 in the morning.  Hoping it has moved on to Gothenburg as this is Friday.  It takes almost fifty miles to get to Gothenburg.  I get to Postnord office and find that they don't take poste restante, but they give me directions to the Postnord office that does.  I ride across town to find the package is still in Stockholm.  I must wait till Monday and hope they send it to this other post office.  Off to fix the bent disk on my front brakes.  I get it fixed and the rubbing I have been hearing since the beginning of the trip is gone.  Thanks TSA for repacking my bike box and bending my disk brakes.  Decide to try the campground as it is getting late.  $45 to camp in a crowded campsite has me riding up into the hills to camp.  104 kilometer day for mileage.
Love & kisses


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