Monday, May 15, 2017


Start down the road at 10:20.  I head to the tourist office in Ljungby for maps of the area.  They have a map of rune stones.  As I go down the bike path I take small detours to see the stones.
Get on a national bike route.  As I get to some island crossings in a lake there is a sign that might be about the ferry.  Did not want to go 10 miles to find the ferry was out and I needed to turn around.  At the north end of the lake I needed to make a 10 mile detour to find a WiFi connection as my bank are having problems with me moving fund through them.  Then off to the forests to camp.  A large number of ants chase me from my first spot.  The new spot I do not need to share dinner with the forest creatures.

Love & kisses

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