Sunday, May 21, 2017


Rest day. I am not use to just sitting around.  So I am off for a hike.  Take a trail that is marked but is faint.  Then the trail has options and none seem to go on.  I stick to the ridge line as the lower areas are boggy.  Using game trails that come and go I find one of the main trails.  I take it around and head up a small trail that should complete the loop to camp.  I must share the trail with large numbers of ants.  The ants keep me moving.  The trail is tricky to follow but I come to another larger trail that leads me back to my camp.  Nice bit of exploring but I want something to do.  Work on the bike (good thing as some bolts are coming loose).  A little laundry is done.  Reading then takes the afternoon.  I want to be on the road riding on a nice sunny day.
Love & Kisses



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