Thursday, May 18, 2017


The sun is out.  I take the road above camp into town.  GPS shows no road.  The ride is back on the old railroad bike path.  Locals are put in shorts and bikinis, the glow of white flesh.  Snake is even sun bathing.  Oh yes the snakes are poisonous.  Spot another rune stone.  Stop to tune the bike in a small village park.  An unmarked building looks like a toilet.  I check it out as I have laundry.  It is a shower and the other room has a toilet and sink.  Shortly I am clean and the cloths are clean.  I dry and the cloths dry as I ride down the bike path.  I must turn and leave the level bike path.  There are hills and I must ride with some traffic.  I arrive in Boras in time to visit the tourist office.  They have maps much of Sweden but not for the 30 miles to Gothenburg.  Bike part is finally in the mail from London to Gothenburg.  GPS and luck will get me there.  Must get going as it is getting late and there is lots of build up around this city.  Ten miles and I find a place to camp.

Love & kisses

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