Saturday, May 20, 2017


Early start as there are trails around my camp.  I take one trail and run across body parts in the trail.  Plastic body parts but I change my route.  There are other tents on the hill looking more permanent.  I avoid there sites also as I work my way down to the paved bike trail.  

Sunny day and I should be riding and instead I am at the bibliotek blogging and hoping the bike part shows Monday.  Web site shows the part still in Stockholm.  What to do?  Ride north and take the train back or wait two more days and hope it arrives Monday.  There has been a solid stream of runners going past the bibliotek since before noon.  As I head out I work to find a way around the endless stream of runners.   Checking on line now it may have been 80,000 runners in the race.  There was a boat taking people on a canal under the race.  The bike is not going that way.  Near the river shore I can go under a bridge that has the steam of runners entering the city.  Then I must go back around and over the bridge to head north.  It is 6pm and the race officials are packing it in as the last runners cross the bridge.  Some of those still running look like they should have done it on a bike.   Only 20 miles and I find a nice location to camp.  There is the half mile of pushing/carrying the bike up a narrow trail.  I have my spot to hang out.
Love and Kisses


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