Friday, July 9, 2010

Another mountain pass

Cruise up the fjord, and head on the ferry across to a smaller road to avoid the traffic.  Did see their set up for salmon fishing.  There was a nice stave church on the hill then up the fjord.  The road had some long dark tunnels.  At one tunnel they offered lights, but none in the box.  My headlamp may need to have the batteries recharge as I could not see the line on the other side of the one lane road. The other light stopped working in one as I was riding in long tunnel.  It is quit interesting riding in complete darkness not knowing where the walls are.  Then after 35 mile I decide not to stay at the hostel in town but to head up the pass.  The days traveling inland have brought me to a sea level start as I am next to a fjord.  The information board notes this is the highest pass in Norway.  When I am over 1200 meters I look for camp and find a nice place away from the road.  Wake to the tent leaking again and reach for the tarp.  So saw the oldest stave church, the largest Norwegian glacier and the tallest Norwegian water fall today, then went up the tallest pass (full day).
44.1 mile 5:58 hr / max speed 31.8 / avg moving speed 7.4 / stopped time 4:05 / 5571 ft total ascent. (mostly clear till evening, head wind) 
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