Monday, July 19, 2010


I came across churches that were open to view. First one had a large clock above the alter, which you could here through out the church, ticking the seconds away. Someone many have run on a bit in the past. Next church had just a grand father clock in the back with a loud tick also. They also had a sword rack by the door which is handy in settling disagreements over the meaning of the texts. Then there was the old pulpit with the guys head sticking out from under the robe?? Was the guy standing like a Mayan king standing on the peasants? All the churches had clock towers with clocks on all four sides. Are they counting the minutes down?

63.4 mile 5:35 hr / max speed 27.2 / avg moving speed 11.3 / stopped time 3:14 / 1697 ft total ascent. (rained in the afternoon) 
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