Sunday, July 11, 2010


Nice ride down into Lom where they had a nice stave church.  You can’t go wrong putting dragons on the church.  Found the stores open so figure they would be in the next towns of similar size.  I was wrong.  Head wind and rain made it slower going.  I did run into a Czech family of five touring on bikes.  Dad had a tow rope pull the youngest around 6 or 7 up the hills.  Tarp the tent due to the rain.  Had hundreds of flies visit and they were a bit annoying. 
60.0 mile 6:11 hr / max speed 30.3 / avg moving speed 9.7 / stopped time 3:29 / 2387 ft total ascent. (rain through out the day with a strong head wind) 
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Where do all these flies come from? I remember having a lot of flies in Pakistan but that was mainly because we had farm animals downstairs and food without fridge, but why there?!