Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stockholm 2

So I started the morning at the North Face store. First they want to send my boots in to warranty depart and I would hear back in a month. He did say the boot looked a bit worn out and warranty normally does not cover that. The manager did remember receiving an email from warranty about me coming by. After a quick call to warranty I was given what they had in 10.5 boot which was a more expensive model and a little heavier. Then I went over to outdoor store Addnature as they just opened. Yes I want to work for Swedish stores as many open at 11 and close at 6. They did not have the replacement tent from Black Diamond yet. I cruised a bit of Stockholm checking out the town. You can see from the pictures the tourist road and then the next street up from it, where I rode. I believe one guide I read about the area described it as a sea of tourist sucking down ice cream cones. I could not join them as I would not pay those prices for Ben & Jerry’s from Holland. Checking my email at the hostel around 6pm I see that my new tent is in and I can get it today if I get there by 6:30 (they stay open late). I make it across town with five minutes to spare, even with me looking up at one bridge 3 stories above and wondering how I was going to find a way up there from where I was. So Black Diamond and The North Face came through on their warranties.
I headed out on the town with some guys from the hostel. At mid night I was informed at one club I was not properly attired (hey bike shorts are in and teva sandals can I say more). The North Face tee shirt was even clean.
31.6 mile 4:25 hr / max speed 43.6 / avg moving speed 7.1 / stopped time 6:20 / 1570 ft total ascent. (rained in the afternoon)
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