Monday, July 19, 2010


So I got an early start and headed back up the pass.  Stopped into the tourist office and gave them a description of the bag and my email.  Police station here only operates in the winter.  I am feeling down and not much into seeing the sites.  I have security cables that work as backup encase the bag come loose.  I did not have them on as I was removing the bags to cross the fences.  And when I got to the road I did not put them on again, being a bit tired, but I thought of it.
I made good time coming of the pass.  In Mauterndorf the first town off the pass I came across a police station and gave them my information.   Continue down the valley and try a little shopping in the next town.  The outdoors store has panniers but not vary good design.  Downstairs they did have lederhosen for only 150 euro.  Yes some of the older men here where lederhose.  It does appear to be the Sunday going to church cloths.  I pass on lederhosen also as leather pants was a seventies thing.   Keep going down river which is nice.  Found an open tourist office and gets some maps for the area.  This let me see that I need to head south and over another pass.  As I head up the pass there is sun and picnic tables.  Spend and hour getting everything dry as it has been 3 days of packing gear wet.  Diving off the other side I hit a section that I am glad I am not going up as it is over 25%.   As the rain was threatening I pulled in to a nice camping plaza as the rain starts again.
62.1 mile 7:06 hr / max speed 39.0 / avg moving speed 8.7 / stopped time 5:22 / 3620 ft total ascent. (light rain in the morning, then some sun, and rain in the evening)  
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Cinderella Servranckx said...

A lot of rain and a lot of drying to do, I see... annouying that so much rain falls... so you report the loss. And you went back to search for the bag, I understand? Did the bag just jumped off by too much banging and bumping? Hopefully they will find it. Did you block your account in case the bankpass is found and misused? It must be annouying to drive with an unbalanced bike... Hope you can find the nessecary clothes overthere... take good care Steve and enjoy the little sunshine which is there just for you, to dry and keep clothes clean : )