Friday, July 23, 2010

Stockholm 3

Decide to stay another day and move hostels as the place had no life and the room was a toaster. Got a room at the backpacker hostel and then went to outdoor museum. They had a nice collection of farm houses and parts of villages. There was a zoo of the local animals so I finally saw a moose here. The animals were the same as Colorado (bears, lynx, owls, otters, European bison (which looked like buffalo) and a wolf). The only thing different was the reindeer and seal. Not sure if it was my pack or the lack of water I had not been consuming but my back was in real pain. Rested at the hostel for a while and took some pain killers. Then decide to push it and see the Noble museum as I hope see some interesting history. It was high tech museum with very little info on the prize winners. There was a bit on Alfred Nobel, but as I know his story all ready I was disappointed. Then back to the hostel to rest the back and hope it gets better for the ride tomorrow as bumps in the road are painful.
13.0 mile 2:47 hr / max speed 19.3 / avg moving speed 4.7 / stopped time 3:43 / 874 ft total ascent. (cloudy)
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