Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have started not taking the bike route as it keeps heading off in odd directions.  Just when I think I am done with it I see more signs for the bike route.  Churches here are locked, but there are runes one stones next to the church.  The Hobbit gives instructions on reading ruins.  I will need to take some time to figure out the meaning of the ruins.  So the Hobbit has been useful.  Stranger in a Strange land has me thinking that they might be discussing eating me when they are not talking in English.  But I have not seen any one bring out the apricot sauce.  The Spy was not one of Conrad’s better works.  He did describe one person as 18 stone, but found nothing useful in the book.

71.0 mile 6:37 hr / max speed 27.6 / avg moving speed 10.7 / stopped time 4:09 / 1522 ft total ascent. (rained in the afternoon) 
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