Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So Stockholm is to the south and I go north 5 miles to some burial mounds.  Beowulf wrote of this place along with other epic Nordic tales.  Some legends have Odin, Thor and Freyr buried here.  Then they built a cathedral next to the mounds. Erik on leaving the cathedral one day had a battle commence, he should have told the others to go on without him. Where his head rolled too a spring started up and he did receive saint hood. Cathedral burned down years later and a new bishop move the cathedral five miles south along with the relics of Eric. On Saint Erik Day for hundreds of years Erik was brought back to the place his head bounce to celebrate for the day. So I stopped by Eriks new resting place and the 12century cathedral that had gargoyles. More churches need them. King resting there also had both his wives with him. I hope they got along. Then there is a picture of me handing out fruit.  Then I was off to Stockholm as it was only 50 miles away. Had bike trails the entire way, but they were close to the highway. Head wind kept me working the entire way. I ran across a town that had 150 rune stones which was a nice place to stop for a while. Hostel I wanted was full up, and only at the third hostel finally found a room. The place needed AC as much of rooms were under ground and hot.


66.6 mile 6:30 hr / max speed 22.9 / avg moving speed 10.2 / stopped time 3:53 / 1761 ft total ascent. (Partly cloudy with a 30 mile headwind) 
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