Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was on the road by one in the afternoon. I headed into Visby a medieval walled town. More towns should have stone walls keeping the foreign barbarians out. Just inside the gate you can find the local food falafel, tacos, crepes, kebab, pizza and McDonalds. And the people in the streets were armed with there ice cream cones. I did a quick tour as I would be back to leave the island. Then I went up the coast to the north.  I am stopping at the old churches (500 years plus are the best)as they have the most interesting art.  A sheep helping to play the pipes to someone holding another guy's head.
41.1 mile 4:44 hr / max speed 23.6 / avg moving speed 8.7 / stopped time 3:11 / 1045 ft total ascent. (rained in the afternoon)
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