Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ryvarden Fyr

I pushed on to the north.  I stopped in a rebuilt Viking village.  Missed the annual two week Viking get together.  The Viking king here made some enemies of the local wizards.  So one night the wizards cast a spell on the village so that they would be in a fog and they could slip into the village to take their revenge.  Their bad magic did put them in a fog and they rowed about the lake lost.  As the village was not in the fog the watch man spotted them rowing about and sent men out to capture them.  The wizards were put on stakes at low tide and the harbor is now named for the staking.  Did find some seam seal for the tent and with head net on was able to seal the seams on the tent.  The seam seal works like fly paper on the midges.  Hope the dead midges on the tent work as heads on pikes to discourage others.
39.5 mile 4:29 hr / max speed 29.9 / avg moving speed 8.8 / stopped time 4:44 / 2025 ft total ascent. (rain with the evening clearing) 
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