Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Early the next morning I looked at the gray sky and the rain then went back to sleep. Found over a cup of water in floor of the tent. The tent floor works great keeping the water out and in. Down sleeping bag was only damp. Hike up to Preikestolen. Great hike, but the advertisement was false as you can see from their picture and mine. When I got up to Preikestolen there was only one other person. As I was walking down I came across hundreds of hiker heading for the view. Trail was made of big rocks that were not flat, but they worked and helped as much of the trial had water features. Then I headed back Stravanger hostel and they did have my towel (the guide always recommends having a towel). Then headed north and started my Island hoping. Found that coast was filled with houses so no good camping. So I turned inland on a road across the island. As soon as the houses stopped it was posted for no camping as the lakes were for drinking water. Finally found a nice spot out on the moor.
33.6 mile 5:14 hr / max speed 35.0 / avg moving speed 6.4 / stopped time 3:39 / 3268 ft total ascent. (rain with the evening clearing)
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