Saturday, June 19, 2010


There were great tunnels on the dirt road that was the bike route. The tunnels over a half mile were lighted with no traffic. In Kristiansand found the hoste had under gone a wrecking ball. Quick tour of the old fort, And the cannon needed to be a little to the left. Found a great used book store and traded my book in and got Stranger in a strange land, The Secret Agent (Conrad) and the Hobbit (thinking they could be useful in guiding my trip). As I started out of town found a heavy rain was starting. Went back to a restaurant and had veggie fajitas for only $25. I looked at the drink menu and went for tap water as I did not want to spend $8 on a coke. The place was full and these are normal Norwegian prices. Found a camp site a few miles out of town off a lighted trail. I did find that Norway also has midges. Had to step out of the tent for a moment and ended up with a couple hundred midges in the tent. GPS did not make it off the bike and I was not willing to go out again with thousand of midges covering the tent. Midges are easy to kill it just takes time with the ladies looking for their drop of blood.
56.0 mile 6:08 hr / max speed 115???? (I am good but at 40 the bike shakes) / avg moving speed 9.1 / stopped time 16:05 / 1552 ft total ascent. (Clear.)
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