Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Esbjerg to Ringkobing

Got an early start and headed off to the tourist office for maps. They did not open till ten so I headed on to the next town, stopping by the white men facing the sea. Ran across a 17 century church (they are into putting dates on the outside of building. There was some nice artwork inside. They did require everyone entering the church to put on booties on over the shoes. Regular attendees I assume have more stylish covers of their shoe for Sunday services. I guess the brick floor is hard to clean. Found some nice forest and almost camp there, but it was still early in the day. I wandered up a long 20 mile peninsula that was supposed to be a nice relaxing recreation area. It was filled with holiday cottages and tourist traps. I should have gone the other way around the fjord in the forest. I got to the hostel just near closing of the office at 8. Of the tourist offices I visited 2 were closed and 4 did not have maps for biking or much of the general area. As I went into the dorm room I had been given there was a distinctive smell and tour de la France hat one of the beds that I recognized from the night before. Then the on guy enters the room from last night. I head back to reception to check out. They give me another room.
80.8 mile 8:01 hr / max speed 19.4 / avg moving speed 10.1 / stopped time 4:00 / 316 ft total ascent. (Gray clouds with the threat of rain all day.)
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