Sunday, June 20, 2010


Left the tent fully covered with head net.  Then back through Kristiansand and off to the south to the canon museum.  During the war Germany put in some big guns.  No one ever put their ships in the way of the guns during the war.  After the war the Norwegians took over the guns to ensure their neighbor would not try becoming residence of the country.  There some nice sights and targeting computer.  They even kept some of the inspirational saying on the wall.  The gift shop had some interesting items for sale.  I just could not decide between the PPSH-47 submachine gun and the M72 LAWS rocket.  Then there was the problem of mounting them on the bike.  Then start west along the coast.  Found a nice spot in a park to do some bike work.  Changed out the front brakes and replace the chain that was slipping.  New chain slipped even more so I had no high gears.  Old chain was not in condition to put back.  It was a Sunday so I pressed on slowly.  Did run across the new religion trying to get close to the old.

64.7 mile 6:03 hr / max speed 35.8 / avg moving speed 10.1 / stopped time 5:01 / 2516 ft total ascent. (Tailwind and down valley.) 
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