Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flekkefjord west

A short ride into Flekkefjord, where I checked at the tourist office about showers.  They told me they were 50 which seem high for a shower.  Then mention that laundry was included.  That was a good price and since I had not used a washing machine since starting the trip I though it was good thing.  Figure I could also recharge computer and batteries and was right.  So most of the day I spent cleaning.  Then as I left town a light rain started.  I could have waited and got cleaned the natural way.  I made it to a nice lake side camp just as the fog rolled in.  I was in my tent before the rain came on hard.
8.56 mile 1:20 hr / max speed 28.3 / avg moving speed 6.4 / stopped time 2:17 / 848 ft total ascent. (Cloudy with rain in the evening) 
Love & kisses

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