Friday, June 18, 2010


The wind at my back I headed down valley.  Coasted along which was nice.  Found break pads for a small fortune.  I did do the brakes on the front of my bike for the same price I paid for a set of pads for my truck.  I bought three sets.  Also the chain is slipping in the higher gears and I need to see about replacing it.  Hostel was full, but I did find a shower $2 at a camp ground so my hair is not crusty.  Now I need to work on laundry as it has been a month.  I still have not seen any moose even when they post that they are 200 meters to 2.3 kilometers.  All I see is moose sign.
64.7 mile 6:03 hr / max speed 35.8 / avg moving speed 10.1 / stopped time 5:01 / 2516 ft total ascent. (Tailwind and down valley, cool, light rain in the afternoon for a short time) 
Love & kisses

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