Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Apeldoorn –Meppen

McDonalds internet did not work in the morning so I road on not knowing where I could stay.  At around 50 miles and 3 pm I found a McDonalds and with working internet.  Also found that the next hostel was 40 mile further.  So I push on through the Netherland and German frontier.  At the border I crossed a little canal and there was a cover picnic table.  Why do German picnic tables have covers over them?  Is this hinting at things to come?  Found a map in Netherlands for Germany but then it may be in Dutch and I do not want to read Dutch names and try to figure out what the town name is in German.  After seeing how they miss spell “watch” I do not want to go there.  But with our using a silent “t”, their spelling may be better. 
92.2 mile  8:15 hr /  max speed 29.8 / avg moving speed 11.7 / stopped time 4:11 / 226 ft total ascent. (Cloudy at times and a little head wind for the last 20 miles.) 
 Love & kisses

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