Thursday, June 3, 2010

Neuenlande to Bremen

I had a short ride to Bremen. Found detail maps for the rest of my ride to Denmark.  Found a nice hostel and walked about the town.  They are really into a story involving a chicken, a cat, a dog and a horse.  Did find that tourism = shopping.  There were neat buildings and art to see.  I just enjoy the country side over tourist shops.  Found a location to download free maps for my GPS.  As it was going to take 5 hours to download at 11 at night I went to bed.  Next morning got up early and tried again for the map.  It took 5 minutes, also got Denmark, Scandinavia and a few more countries.  It is weird now having my location on a map.  Like a finger pointing to my map location.  This does not mean that with this I will be where I planned to be or was hoping I would like to be.  The Luddite in me enjoyed the compass bearing to point the way generally.  I did find that GPS maps did not show all the roads leaving me to guess if the route did go through.  I enjoy the mystery of where the road might take me.
36.1 mile  4:50 hr /  max speed 20.0 / avg moving speed 7.5 / stopped time 3:16 / 423 ft total ascent. (Clear and sunny – there were some very small hills had to remember how to shift.) 
Love & kisses

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