Sunday, June 6, 2010

Glockstadt to Husum

Nice ride through the country side.  They have had a little flooding in the past as the pole shows.  Hit a gravel road and need to walk for couple of miles to get past it. It is nice to know the limit for tanks when going over a bridge or on a ferry. Think 18 year old with a tank in a foreign country. Making friends with the locals. Also why do they put these power plants in the remotest areas? If there so safe then put them near to most of the users in the cities as it is green energy. Did race a rabbit for while and it was leaving me in the dust. But this tortoise was going to beat him until a dog made him quite the course. Local like the rabbits with an apricot sauce I hear.
81.3 mile 8.05 hr / max speed 21.3 / avg moving speed 10.0 / stopped time 2:55 / 653 ft total ascent. (Clear and sunny.)
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