Sunday, June 13, 2010

Skien - Tunnel

As I left Skien it started to rain again.  I headed up the Telmark canal into the Telmark region.  Off to make offering to the gods of skiing.  Found a bike in the water and decide not to swim for it.  Hung out at one of the locks as one of the 100 year old tourist boats came through and the rain cleared.  Sort of sad the working blacksmith shop was closed, just because it is Sunday is reason to take the day off.  Then I went deeper into the heart of Telmark region.  I looked down on one caravan camping site.  They still circle the wagons.  Then got my first tunnel and I was not alone in it.  But I here the goblins live further north.  A little further down the road I found my own little bit of paradise.
40.4 mile 4:23 hr / max speed 28.0 / avg moving speed 9.2 / stopped time 5:50 / 2319 ft total ascent. (Rain in the morning then cleared.) 
Love & kisses

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