Monday, June 14, 2010

Tunnel - Vradal

I got a slow start as it was nice to hang out.  I worked my way up the valley further.   Nice views and more tunnels to ride through.  It is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel you are riding through.  Some are long and bend so I get to ride in the dark hoping the next pot hole is not too big.  Stoped at one of the region stave churches.  I decided not to follow the bike route signs as it did not look right.  As I headed out of the valley it started to rain hard.  At a overlook I was trying to hide under the tourist information sign.  A bike touring French man turned up and he repeating he had done 3000 km.  I headed out and up.  As French man past me he said something about LeMond.  Not too much further up I found a good camp site.  I was looking like a drowned rat when I got my self into my tent.  Need to use the tarp as a vestibule and to reinforce the tent as the tent has some drips inside.
30.3 mile 3:41 hr / max speed 33.4 / avg moving speed 8.2 / stopped time 2:50 / 2398 ft total ascent. (Heavy rain in the evening.) 
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