Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wremen to Glockstadt

Nice ride to Cuxhaven there I find that the ferry does not run any more.  Just 40 miles up the Elba River and I found a ferry across the river.  On the ferry, checking how much further I need to ride for a hostel all looking like 20 miles more.  After looking at the map for ten minutes I see that the town I am anding in has one.  And it had a bed available. Finding the kebab shops has vegetarisch on the menu.  Also finding that the most Germans would be happy with Henry Fords original car colors.  As it is a weekend and I was cruising the shore I had many holiday seekers to weave through.  Did find that like these baskets with fold down recliner to hang out in.
75.6 mile  7.48 hr /  max speed 25.2 / avg moving speed 10.2 / stopped time 2:02 504 ft total ascent. (Started cold then went to clear and sunny with a head wind from the north 10m.) 
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