Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meppen – Neuenlande

Got a late start, but found a bike map for the trip to Bremen. It was scenic and showed where the interesting stuff was along the route. I could not read the descriptions but could make out the symbols. It showed old prehistoric ruins a mile off route. I went and found just mounds and a nice looking sign in German (good for holding up the bike). So I stopped wandering to the bonus stuff and stuck to viewing things along the route. Was going to make a easy day of it, but the first hostel was full. The 100 shoes by the door was a good indicator. It was only 20 miles to the next hostel. Call the warden of that hostel when I got there and he said it was full. Did not see that many people there? The warden may not have wanted to take the time to check me in. Four miles down the road I found a campground that was not showing up on the maps I had. I was in luck and the place was open. I legally camped for the first time this trip. The caretaker kept pointing out showers to me repeatedly.
In Belgium and Holland my phrase book has come in handy. Using the English phrase do you speak English I get two standard replies. Yes and a little. A little meaning 6 years of study and passing exams in the top 10%, but they don’t get to use it everyday. Germans don’t seem to be as fluent in my one language, now I need to find the phrasebook.
74.5 mile 7:41 hr / max speed 19.1 / avg moving speed 9.7 / stopped time 4:47 / 285 ft total ascent. (Some clouds and a north head wind.)
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