Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vradal again

After the first down hill decided it was time to adjust the brakes.  Next hill I decide to change the brake pads.  New brake pads on the rear work and I need more brake pads,
Taking the long way around I made it to Morgedal the birthplace of modern skiing.  I could have just gone 5 mile from where I was earlier instead I added 60 miles going around the long way.  The museum had a long movie on Sondre Norheim the father of telmark skiing.  As a kid he was an avid ski jumper.  He jumped off one roof 20 meters high.  And he continued to look for more challenging routes off mountains.  This was with skis that only had toe-loop-bindings.  Yes he developed when he was older a heel cup and shaped skis.  They kept mentioning his lack of work ethic which he was well known for.  He did later in life compete in ski competitions and did win.  So as a ski bum he is a model to the rest of us.  He did immigrate to America and ended up in North Dakota where he died. 

They also had bits from Roald Amundsen trip to the South Pole.  He was heading to the North Pole when departing and then heard that someone had done it so they headed to the south pole instead.  With skis and sled dog they beat the competition quite easily.  The competition did bring motor vehicles and ponies.  The competitors did of course start learning to ski in Antarctica.  Due to their giving up and dyeing, Scott is remembered more than Roald who led a successful first trip to the South Pole.  I think Roald did like his dogs with a nice apricot sauce.  Oh before Antarctica he was the first to find and go through the Northwest Passage.  He spent an extra winter in Canada just to learn how to survive on the ice with the locals.  Ronld also made it to the North Pole. 
Head the rest of the way around the loop and as I had been over the area before know where to find a great campsite.
36.8 mile 3:47 hr / max speed 37.3 / avg moving speed 9.9 / stopped time 6:46 / 2123 ft total ascent. (Clear.) 
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