Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As the rain continued through the morning I stayed in bed and read. Then it took half hour of holding the air mattress in a cool creek to find the pinhole leak that had been slowly leaking over the last two nights. Leak is fixed and feeling return to the hands. Next town find a water proof treatment for my tent in one of the stores. That slow drip on my face may stop. Weather cleared in the afternoon. Then I had a nice ride down into Dalen. Brakes are getting weak and only slowing the bike. Killer hill up the other side of the fjord leaving town. The big dinner in town did not help the climb. Some wild strawberries are in season. A real nice Stave Church in Eidsborg. Yes they used wood pegs to hold on the shingles. I was in bed at 11:00.
36.6 mile 4:57 hr / max speed 29.9 / avg moving speed 7.4 / stopped time 4:41 / 3582 ft total ascent. (Heavy rain in the morning and then cleared.)
Love & kisses

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