Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tonder to Esbjerg

I decided to take it a bit slower.  Head over to Mogeltonder where the prince and princess hang out.  Nice palace and town.  Church had some nice frescos.  I think the snake is telling Eve about beech volleyball and how the fig leaf is optional.  Next stop was some cairns (ie mounds).  I must start reading the description of the ruins before going.  The next church also had a boat hanging from its ceiling.  Had my first dog come at me with purpose.  Was on a main bike route and came around some high brush when I found myself looking down the barrel of a rifle 30 feet away.  The guy’s dog comes at me.  He keeps looking at me through his scope.  I bluff the dog with my front tire.  Then the guy finally lowers the gun and acts like it is a big mistake.  The guy did have the biggest scope I have seen on a 22.  Of coarse it was 50” to the dike.  I should have taken his picture.  It would have been fun to send the story in to the local papers.  Have decided to pick up the pace and move on to another region.  Must have been shit spreading night.  I passed or was passed be a dozen shit spreaders.  I think moving on is the right idea.  Forgot to ask for the room were people shower.  I got stuck with a guy in the dorm smelling like the homeless.  What a wonderful variety of aromas today.  And it gets better.  The homeless guy likes waking the halls in his underwear while his cloths air in the room.  Reception closes at eight and management was long gone when I checked for a different room.  Can you imagine I did not sleep well?
80.5 mile 7:37 hr / max speed 20.0 / avg moving speed 10.6 / stopped time 3:35 / 475 ft total ascent. (Clear with clouds building in the afternoon.) 
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