Friday, June 11, 2010


So after leaving the ferry I headed into Larvik.  They had an information board with maps of the local area you can take.  Head to the east only finding house and no good camping.  So I returned to town and headed west.  After a few miles I found a spot to camp.  It was 5 am when I was finally in the tent.

Next morning I missed and got started at 1 pm.  I headed back to Larvik to find maps and provisions.  The road I came out on had very heavy traffic as this was the one two lane road around the south end of Norway.  It only took ten minutes to find an opening in the traffic to cross the road so I could start my way into town.  The dents in the guard rail next to me reminded me that the trucks and cars did not always stay in their lane.   The Tourist office closed the year before.  I did find food and maps for later in the trip, but none to get me very far out of town.  Found the shops were closed around 5 and so I decided to head on out and work out directions on the way.  Found a nice place to camp in the woods on hill and read my new book.  Spent a few hours at a mall hiding from the rain and found a book to read.
A whopping 18.5 mile 2:36 hr / max speed 25.3 / avg moving speed 7.1 / stopped time 4:07 / 780 ft total ascent. (Rain all day with a bit more rain.) 
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