Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flekkefjord east

Flekkefjord east
Ran across these petroglyphs, has anyone seen similar one by an anasi ruin.  Yes you can dive 20 meters into the fjord.  I planned to stay at the hostel Feda.  I got directions to go further out of town to find the hostel.  Then I was told to go another 3 mile.  Finally saw a sign pointing back the way I came.  As I did not see the place on the dirt road I just came down I went on.  Midges were where I camped, but I move fast to get into the tent, before they got truly bad.
62.8 mile 7:24 hr / max speed 37.3 / avg moving speed 8.5 / stopped time 11:28 / 2516 ft total ascent. (Clear with a head wind) 
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