Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Stopped by Vikingland and found that Viking ships  don’t fit in garages on  the water. Nice that the chain is not slipping.  I noticed while  reading in  my tent, a tick  going up the front screen door.  I took him out as I did not want  him waiting  above the door.  A little  while later I spotted another  one.  Further  inspection found  some inside the  tent.  All told took out a dozen ticks.  I guess  I should have not camped in that spot.  Still doing regular  checks for tick, but none have latched on.  I will tell you  I take midges any day over ticks.


34.2 mile 4:13 hr / max speed 31.2 / avg moving speed 8.1 / stopped time 3:05 / 3097 ft total ascent. (Headwind and clear.)

Love & kisses


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