Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ringkobing to ??

I headed north from Ringkobing in a good steady rain.  Went through some nice forest and hung out for a little bit.  I came up with a plan.  Fell of the detail map before getting to the next major town.  Checked out the towns tourist office and found no maps.  Put the plan into action.  Headed to the train station and got a ticket to the northern port.  Notice after getting the ticket that I arrive at 9:30 PM.  Hostels close at 8:00.  I have a general map of Denmark and the boat I want to take leaves at 4 AM.  Hanging out in a station between trains I find that I am trying to picture the people walking by as Vikings as that was their ancestors.  I mentally put a sword in hand, a shield and helm on them.  In did not work as they looked more likely to design nicer seats in the boat.  They would be stylish Danish design and the boat could use them.  When I got to the coast there were some that had that Viking look.  Maybe they need the smell of the sea.  Boat I wanted to go to Kristiansand leaves at 12:35 in the afternoon.  The boat leaving soon goes to Larvik.  After they show me on the map where Larvik is I take the ticket.  Then he tells me we arrive at 2 AM.  I wonder where I will end up sleeping.  Oh I need local money also.  But I just checked and it is in the lonely planet guide book.  I got to run with the trucks boarding.  Nearly last on and with some squeezing between trucks was first off. Found a good spot to get a hour or two of sleep on the ship. An infant showed up with a lovely wail as I try to sleep (where is my sword ... head on pike ... lessen to .... )
46.3 mile 5:51 hr / max speed 26.6 / avg moving speed 7.9 / stopped time 3.26 / 1323 ft total ascent. (Rain and a nice constant rain that soaks everything.) 

Love and kisses

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