Saturday, July 3, 2010


I came across the small remains of one monastery.  The bike route up to Bergen was over a long steep hill.  The people I stayed with in town pointed out a route that did not have a hill in it.  I finally used the bike web site warm showers to bum a place to stay.  As I have no fixed schedule it is hard to make plans on what day I will show up.  The nice couple treated me to a meal and a bed.  And I even got to shower.  Yea, that guy looked a little down and out in BergenBergen is cruise ship central with 3 in port when I arrived and a new set the next morning.
38.0 mile 4:05 hr / max speed 36.8 / avg moving speed 9.3 / stopped time 2:02 / 2286 ft total ascent. (rain with the evening clearing) 
Love & kisses

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