Thursday, July 15, 2010

Idre, Sweden

Rain hit in the morning.  Fled camp as the bugs still there (head net time).  Rode through tree covered hills fighting a head wind all the way.  Crossed in to Sweden and could hardly tell other than a sign telling me I was changing countries. Went for dinner in town and that is when the rain came.  As there was a festival in town I did not check the hostel for a bed as the town was fully booked.  Found a nice place near a lake.  Day 1 camping in Sweden.  Only camped 29 days in Norway.

65.8 mile 6:25 hr / max speed 28.6 / avg moving speed 10.2 / stopped time 3:09 / 1630 ft total ascent. (rain in the morning then tried to catch the sun and rain in the evening.  Killer headwind 30- 40) 
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

What is average speed here? The speed divided by the amount of hours on the move?