Saturday, July 24, 2010


Pain killers are helping along with massive amounts of water so the back is better.  Roommates got me up at seven as it only took them an hour to dress and leave for a while.   I headed off to see an old ship.  It was under the bay for 333 years.  The ship had a glorious career sailing 1500 meters before sinking.  Yes on its maiden voyage the design issue became apparent as it was top heavy and had a small amount of ballast.  The second gust of wind pushed it over so water was coming in the gun ports.  It went down quickly after that.  That is why I keep so much ballast on my bike is to keep me upright.  They also had to 17 century diving bell which was used to try to recover the guns in 30 meters of water.  A guy in a leather suit would go down and for a half hour would try to tie a rope around a gun while getting his air from the pocket of air at the top of the bell.  They retrieved 50 of the 64 cannon this way.   The reasons for the sinking were investigated and the testimony by the crew was damming to high ranking officers in the service.  Of course the King was the one who wanted more guns on deck and approved the design.  Also the King demanded it sail on time.  So the investigation was thorough and no record of a verdict was ever found. 

As I departed town stopped at the tourist office to see if I could get a map.  Found the number I got put me fiftieth in line.  I moved on without waiting.  So I started to the south and made it 10 miles before the rain started.  Signs on the bike route can be confusing at times. I heard the commuter lines take bikes.  Pull into a train station and was told they do not take bikes on the metro line.  Ask about commuter line and she did not know.  Several miles later arrived at a commuter station.  They did take bikes, but the train on Saturday only went 4 more stations then I needed to take the bus to finish the trip.  Ticket guy assured me it would work.  Got to the bus and it was full with a driver shaking his head at my bike.  He directed me to the bus station master who said there was a special bus for bikes and looked at his watch which was not a good sign.  The driver next to him offered to take me in his bus.  Five minutes later I was on a direct bus to Nysashamn 30k down the road.  My carbon foot print just went up as I was the only passenger in the bus which was a double.  But I am happy as the bike route was next to the highway for most of the route.  Could not get on the 17:40 ferry, but did get 23:30 ferry.  Feels like old times as I will get there a 2:30 in the morning.  Maybe I should get some of the ten year old scotch whiskey marmalade I saw in the store.  I was glad that I took the train as rain was going hard all afternoon and night.  I did get to wait in the down pour for a half hour for my turn to ride into the ferry.  Boat was late due to the weather.  The three hour trip out to Gotland Island was not bad and I got a little sleep in.  Getting off the boat at 4 am it was a cold fog to ride in.  Just a short way up the a hill the temperature went up 20 degrees and with a little riding found a quiet camping spot and was asleep by 5 am.
19.5 mile  3:39 hr / max speed 85.2 / avg moving speed 13.5 / stopped time 15:32 / 1678 ft total ascent. (rained in the afternoon) 
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