Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Carcassonne has become more touristy since I last saw it in mid winter.  I found a nice quiet spot in the battlements to hang out and write.  Of coarse people see me there and must come over to see if I have a good view. 

New town

That guy Charlemagne came down to take Carcassonne.  After a five year siege the local king had died and plague had ravaged the city.  Parts of the wall were manned by bodies placed armor.  Then the queen start to feed a pig.  This was not very popular.  After six months the queen had this fat pig gorge on grain.  Then she had it pushed off the battlements.  Charlemagne leave shortly after this thinking the siege is not working.  The queen is now honored for saving the city.

Start to leave Carcassonne and see that the time is five.  I head for the camp in town.
17.8 miles, 3:17 moving time, Max Speed 23.5, Moving Average 5.4, 
 Stop Time 3:12, Overall Average Speed 2.7,   Start 10:00 and 17:00  Accent 700 Feet  Sunny hot day.

Love & Kisses

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