Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ile Des Papes

I spent the morning looking for the bike trail as I headed for Avignon.  I ran into a Swiss couple on tour and road with them for a while.  They were only had a couple of weeks to tour.  I passed one facility that had two fences that kept you away from the electric fence between them.  There was a good bit of razor wire tossed around to add to the feeling that they did not want visitors.  They did not want me taking pictures, but they were video me riding by.  Now is that fair.  Made it to Avignon and started to wander the narrow streets looking for the store that I wanted.  With a little luck I found the shop that has Teva sandals and they had what I wanted in my size.  They even took my old sandal.  Evening was filled with Hollanders watching the football game and the Germans in the pub sing their team to victory.
Ile Des Papes
60.9 miles, 5:49 moving time, Max Speed 34.8, Moving Average 10.4, 
 Stop Time 7:21, Overall Average Speed 4.6,   Start 10:30 and 19:00  Accent 786 Feet 
Sun again.

Love & Kisses

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